You're at the top, or you're well on your way, but deep down you know things are changing faster than you’d like and you’re racing to understand them before it’s too late.
You never imagined your experience would affect your leadership potential; you’ve always been told that experience is king. It is...
…but your ability to fully prehend and flow with multi-faceted change, in an increasingly challenging and diverse business environment, is equally as relevant to your longevity, effectiveness, and legacy as a global leader.
The Path to Agile Leadership and Global Mindset
  • These are billion dollar problems and opportunities. But as Dr. David Clive Price reveals in his latest books, Bamboo Strong and The Age of Pluralism, only a select few have truly mitted themselves to address, master, and profit from them.
  • They are the modern 1%: The select few who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with their diverse teams, who inspire trust and increase both productivity and a sense of belonging – ponents that make good panies great, and great panies legendary.
  • Steve Jobs of Apple – formerly coached under the same methodology that Dr. David Price applies to this day – fervently wished he had plemented his renowned strengths with these same ‘inner-core’ developments much earlier in his career.
  • Now the big question arises: Isn’t it time you deeply embraced the full power of global leadership in an increasingly plural world?
"Bamboo Strong by Dr. David Clive Price is exactly what savvy business leaders need to manage in today’s plex, multi-dimensional markets!" - Marshall Goldsmith, Global Gurus #1 Executive Coach in the World